Back in the saddle again.

TOTALLY HAPPYDa PilotsIMG_1660IMG_1645IMG_1689I decided to embrace the world of mini painting once again.

Here’s a photo dump of the recent work



Photo Dump from the past few days.



This red is a beautiful shade.  The hilight is vermillion by vallejo.  The darkest shade is a mixture of armor brown (vallejo) heavy purple (vallejo) Coal Black (Privateer Press) and Calvalry Brown (Vallejo)  I also mix a bit of the vermillion into the whole blend.


Base 1


This is the beginning of the swamp basing.  I added tons of foliage and a bonsai tree.


base 2


It’s getting a swamp in the foot treatment that is drying right now.




Altogether now, tie me kangaroo down sport!


Don’t hide in your hobbit holes, it’s spring time!

Still Cookin

Just starting work today on the foliage on the base.


Here’s a few more shots








I didn’t edit these in photoshop so they’re kinda flaky pictures.


keep painting happy hobbits.

Surgeries Abound.

We begin with the money shot.


Titan's Head


So fiendish.


Then, we are prepped for surgery.  The blend was horrid, so I taped the whole top off and re-airbrushed it to give it that airbrushed finish.


Ready for surgery.






Keep Painting Happy Hobbits.

More Crushing power.

Hello hobbit minions.  Watch out for this guys feet.  Still a work in progress, but it’s getting close!


The Backside


Check out those eyeballs!




The drivers


here’s a bad picture of the guys who will be piloting the beast.  They look better in person, I swear.  Used some weathering pigments there in the picture in the midst.





Chaos warp dust all over my project.

This is how the chaos reaver is looking currently with all the spare parts attached


front top


I’m doing little by little the metallic trimming, it needs to be cleaned up around the edges quite a bit, but it’s a long process.




I’m trying to do the trim on the legs too, but there’s even more area there that needs cleaning up.  The trick is to use a big brush.  Seriously, don’t mess around with some tiny little number 2 detail brush on a monster like this.

Legs and Base


The client and I decided that the crashed wave serpent will be in the style of Biel-Tan green and white, so I’m looking forward to getting the nitty gritty on that one once I get the legs where I want them and taped off.


Keep painting little hobbits.


The titanious titan strikes again!

Hello happy hobbits.  Been working dilligently on this reaver titan for commission.

Literally took about four hours to prime after I washed it with rubbing alcohol and rags and toothbrushes to get oils and dust off of this mother.

black primer

Not bad, eh?  The second coat of primer was white which only took a dusting of around 40 minutes.  These times don’t include airbrush cleaning time.  What a pain!

The next step was painting the majority of the model red to go over the armor plates.  I opted to shade with a purple blue mixture in the recesses.  This step also took about two days of airbrushing to finesse the right color on the plates where I wanted it.  It was repeatedly using two different airbrushes, which again clogged nonstop.  The trick to getting the brightest red is to prime white over your tone and use your bright red over that white.  It’ll go a lot quicker on the other armor plates I’m painting later on.

top down

whole body

After this was completed to my satisfaction (woah, is that even possible?)  I dullcoated the armor plates to protect them, and taped over them to prevent any subsequent painting of the metallic hydraulic pipes from getting onto my beautiful airbrush job.  (hopefully!)

body taped

back side

So it’s come a long way from a naked corpse on a wooden plaque.  One last money shot because it will be a removable open cockpit.


Everything running smoothly except my time schedule, going to take longer than I anticipated, but I’m working dilligently.

Hope you enjoy the WIP’s little hobbits.