Couldn’t think of a good name.

The first of my most recent projects is another Rune Priest kit bash with a magnetic arm that can be fielded either with a bolter or a plasma pistol.

For the blogedy


The next project that I’ve recently wrapped up is a Fulgrim Primarch that I painted as a commission piece.



Finally I’ve recently given up expanding on a dragon that I’ve been working on for almost a year.  I’ve been working on him on and off for a very long time.  I actually ran out of my final highlight color somewhere along the painting project, but was able to buy one from a friend.  It’s bronzed flesh by the old GW line which is out of production so lucky me for finding a relatively full bottle!





I feel like a lot of the highlight transitions are lost on the picture, but this is the best I could do.

Next post will probably have some phoenix terminators so stay tuned!


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