The titanious titan strikes again!

Hello happy hobbits.  Been working dilligently on this reaver titan for commission.

Literally took about four hours to prime after I washed it with rubbing alcohol and rags and toothbrushes to get oils and dust off of this mother.

black primer

Not bad, eh?  The second coat of primer was white which only took a dusting of around 40 minutes.  These times don’t include airbrush cleaning time.  What a pain!

The next step was painting the majority of the model red to go over the armor plates.  I opted to shade with a purple blue mixture in the recesses.  This step also took about two days of airbrushing to finesse the right color on the plates where I wanted it.  It was repeatedly using two different airbrushes, which again clogged nonstop.  The trick to getting the brightest red is to prime white over your tone and use your bright red over that white.  It’ll go a lot quicker on the other armor plates I’m painting later on.

top down

whole body

After this was completed to my satisfaction (woah, is that even possible?)  I dullcoated the armor plates to protect them, and taped over them to prevent any subsequent painting of the metallic hydraulic pipes from getting onto my beautiful airbrush job.  (hopefully!)

body taped

back side

So it’s come a long way from a naked corpse on a wooden plaque.  One last money shot because it will be a removable open cockpit.


Everything running smoothly except my time schedule, going to take longer than I anticipated, but I’m working dilligently.

Hope you enjoy the WIP’s little hobbits.


Mini WIP’s

Here are the progression of some of my projects that I’ve been working on lately.



This is a trollblood starter set that I bought years ago.  I decided to take it out and dust it off and finally paint it.  I’m working on it with the intention of selling it on ebay.  I think I can get a good price for it because the models are out of print.




Here’s a couple shots of my worf lord thunderwolf rider.  He’s definitely looking good!




Finally this is a mage knight tower that I found on clearance and decided to paint it up to add some hot scenery to my collection.


That’s it for now, Things are going smoothly!