Photo Dump from the past month!

This is the evolution of my Macinen Kreiger or however it’s spelled diorama!


This is my latest commission, my sailing friend 5-eyes.


I want to convert him into a one eyed monster!


His base textures are progressing nicely.




High Elven Commission that I’ve been working on!

fOR mIKE 4

fOR mIKE 3

fOR mIKE 2

fOR mIKE 1

This is some of my 2-D Art that I’ve been doing in my spare time.


happy travels to you hobbits.


Brace yourself, winter is coming.

Hello happy hobbits.  It’s now definitely winter so here I am next to the heater sipping wine and looking over some more recently completed projects.  Currently I’m looking at working on some larger scale models from Japan, to ease the curiosity I’ll give you a glimpse of what’s on the table.




Can you guess the scale?

Got some completed things too, the first is something that I’m not entirely happy with.  The goal was to work on some paint chipping with the AK interactive chipping fluid, and I’ve accomplished that but I think I’ve made chips that are a little too large.  Also I didn’t take enough care to blend the armor on the model, and I could have brought the highlights out brighter, and blended in some darker cool tones with the shading.  Live and learn.  If you’re not learning from your paintings then you’re not improving.  So here is a Nurgle Chaos Lord with a Lightning Claw and Power Fist.

Full Spread


Finally is a project that I am thrilled with.  This model is one that I have worked on for a very long time.  I’ve got the WIP shots of when I was doing the base from over a year ago, then it sat untouched for a long time, then I played around with painting the model, then the base, then I stripped the base, etc.  It’s been a long time coming, but I’m pleased with how it turned out.


As you can see, the base was quite the elaborate work, and it was fun to put together.


If you look at her back, you can notice that her muscles were painted on freehand, none of those muscles are sculpted into the model.  Also the anime eye is a freehand painted over the tiny dot.  I felt that an anima tactics character needed an anime eye.  So I’m pretty thrilled with how she turned out.

Stay warm my hobbit minions.

Couldn’t think of a good name.

The first of my most recent projects is another Rune Priest kit bash with a magnetic arm that can be fielded either with a bolter or a plasma pistol.

For the blogedy


The next project that I’ve recently wrapped up is a Fulgrim Primarch that I painted as a commission piece.



Finally I’ve recently given up expanding on a dragon that I’ve been working on for almost a year.  I’ve been working on him on and off for a very long time.  I actually ran out of my final highlight color somewhere along the painting project, but was able to buy one from a friend.  It’s bronzed flesh by the old GW line which is out of production so lucky me for finding a relatively full bottle!





I feel like a lot of the highlight transitions are lost on the picture, but this is the best I could do.

Next post will probably have some phoenix terminators so stay tuned!

Once more we enter the void.

Hello my hobbit minions.  Just thought I would update about what’s crossing my desk currently.  First, I’ve been working on a big ork trukk conversion to start playing a league of gorka morka at flying phoenix games here in oshkosh.  I had to modify it because the out of the box pieces make one that’s incredibly tiny and not very menacing.  I’ve added a large turret in the bed of the truck and a gretchin harnessed to the side to throw stickbombs at the enemies.  It’s nearing the final stages, and soon will be ready for painting.



All of this orking has me in the mood to crank out some cool nobs so I’m working on this guy.  He’s got an attack squig, power klaw, stick bombs, shoota, etc.  He’s pretty armed to the teef, quite literally.


My main project currently that I’m applying paint to is a Fulgrim Primarch.  His armor is coming along nicely.  His color scheme is very simple, but also can be layered many times over to create a very ornate gold/purple.


He has a larger diorama base that magnetizes around this one with three dead Iron Hands space marines corpses laying in rubble around him.  It’s going to take another week or so to finish.

I’ve also completed a couple projects.  The first is the Vasmillion the Vile Gold Dragon.

Totality of Vasmillion the Vile

I’m pleased with how he turned out.  There’s always more you can do to a project, but at some point you just have to say, I’ve done enough.

I also just wrapped up another of my librarian conversions because they sell so well on ebay.

Final copy

Overall it’s simple, but it only costs me like $6 for the figure, so it’s a good way to make some profit.

Lastly I wanted to display a Rune Priest that I’m working on, he needs a lot more clutter like furs and runes and stuff, but I’m really happy with the cables that I have coming out of his temple and going down into his power armor.  That’s what I would want if I had the psychic power hood.  It’s kind of hard to discern from his hair because I had to sculpt that out of green stuff too because he needed a haircut to fit his head inside his power armor.


He also has a magnetic right arm so he can be fielded with a plasma pistol or a bolter.

That’s all for now, Looking forward to getting more paint onto these and chipping away at them.

after shop front


I’m pleased with how he’s progressing, here he is from another angle

after shop back

For a gold dragon, he’s pretty yellow.  Mostly I’ve worked on his body thus far, I need to do his belly, face hands and wings.  Mostly just airbrushed thus far.  Hopefully I can wrap him up without too much more fuss.


Composition rune priest

This is a kitbash Rune Priest of the space wolf persuasion.  I think he’s badass, but looking over him, I feel like He could do with a little bit more on his silver, and a little bit more depth on his power axe.  Maybe if he doesn’t sell I’ll spruce him up a bit,  but he’s off to ebay to find a new home.


Composition finished

It’s no secret that I have a thing for orks.  Orks come in all sizes.  If you know Gorka Morka, you know what I mean.  This guy is some kind of bad ass ninja with a silencer on his twin linked bolter.  If he’s not filling you full of holes like swiss cheese, he’ll rip you a new one with his power klaw.  Better not get on his temper.


Mage Knight Tower


This is a better picture of my Mage Knight tower that I painted.  Overall I’m very pleased with how it came out.  I would like to do another if I happen upon another one of these on clearance somewhere.


Mushroom Scene


This is the finishing touches on a mushroom scene inspired by the morrowind ascadian isles.  Can you spot the kwama egg?  I plan on making at least one more of these, and it’s about 30-40% finished.

The next few pictures are of a dragon that I’m working on as a commission for a friend.  He’s going to be a gold dragon.



This is the dragon primed and assembled.  Ready for some coats of color!



WHOOPS JUST KIDDING!!!  holy crap, this is a huge problem!  The wings on this thing suck because the model does not have an area on the body that they can be pinned to.  The body has a hollow slot to stick them in.  What a pain in the butt.  Well he’s assembled again, hopefully for good this time.



This is going to be the base for the dragon.  I tried to create a dragon horde with weapons and shields.  The white dots are going to be golden coins!  Dragons need all that gold to entice adventurers so they can snack on them.


Well that’s all for now, pretty soon will be a Fulgrim Primarch as a commission, stay tuned my hobbit minions!



More Librarians.

When you tell your mother that you’re painting a librarian, she becomes confused.


Combined after photoshop


This is a Blood Angels Librarian conversion with magnetic backpacks.


Blog post after photoshop deathwatch


This is a Deathwatch Librarian conversion.  In total, I’ve converted 4 librarians from this sculpt, and plan to do two more.  What can I say?  They sell well.