Once more we enter the void.

Hello my hobbit minions.  Just thought I would update about what’s crossing my desk currently.  First, I’ve been working on a big ork trukk conversion to start playing a league of gorka morka at flying phoenix games here in oshkosh.  I had to modify it because the out of the box pieces make one that’s incredibly tiny and not very menacing.  I’ve added a large turret in the bed of the truck and a gretchin harnessed to the side to throw stickbombs at the enemies.  It’s nearing the final stages, and soon will be ready for painting.



All of this orking has me in the mood to crank out some cool nobs so I’m working on this guy.  He’s got an attack squig, power klaw, stick bombs, shoota, etc.  He’s pretty armed to the teef, quite literally.


My main project currently that I’m applying paint to is a Fulgrim Primarch.  His armor is coming along nicely.  His color scheme is very simple, but also can be layered many times over to create a very ornate gold/purple.


He has a larger diorama base that magnetizes around this one with three dead Iron Hands space marines corpses laying in rubble around him.  It’s going to take another week or so to finish.

I’ve also completed a couple projects.  The first is the Vasmillion the Vile Gold Dragon.

Totality of Vasmillion the Vile

I’m pleased with how he turned out.  There’s always more you can do to a project, but at some point you just have to say, I’ve done enough.

I also just wrapped up another of my librarian conversions because they sell so well on ebay.

Final copy

Overall it’s simple, but it only costs me like $6 for the figure, so it’s a good way to make some profit.

Lastly I wanted to display a Rune Priest that I’m working on, he needs a lot more clutter like furs and runes and stuff, but I’m really happy with the cables that I have coming out of his temple and going down into his power armor.  That’s what I would want if I had the psychic power hood.  It’s kind of hard to discern from his hair because I had to sculpt that out of green stuff too because he needed a haircut to fit his head inside his power armor.


He also has a magnetic right arm so he can be fielded with a plasma pistol or a bolter.

That’s all for now, Looking forward to getting more paint onto these and chipping away at them.


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