after shop front


I’m pleased with how he’s progressing, here he is from another angle

after shop back

For a gold dragon, he’s pretty yellow.  Mostly I’ve worked on his body thus far, I need to do his belly, face hands and wings.  Mostly just airbrushed thus far.  Hopefully I can wrap him up without too much more fuss.


Composition rune priest

This is a kitbash Rune Priest of the space wolf persuasion.  I think he’s badass, but looking over him, I feel like He could do with a little bit more on his silver, and a little bit more depth on his power axe.  Maybe if he doesn’t sell I’ll spruce him up a bit,  but he’s off to ebay to find a new home.


Composition finished

It’s no secret that I have a thing for orks.  Orks come in all sizes.  If you know Gorka Morka, you know what I mean.  This guy is some kind of bad ass ninja with a silencer on his twin linked bolter.  If he’s not filling you full of holes like swiss cheese, he’ll rip you a new one with his power klaw.  Better not get on his temper.



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