Mage Knight Tower


This is a better picture of my Mage Knight tower that I painted.  Overall I’m very pleased with how it came out.  I would like to do another if I happen upon another one of these on clearance somewhere.


Mushroom Scene


This is the finishing touches on a mushroom scene inspired by the morrowind ascadian isles.  Can you spot the kwama egg?  I plan on making at least one more of these, and it’s about 30-40% finished.

The next few pictures are of a dragon that I’m working on as a commission for a friend.  He’s going to be a gold dragon.



This is the dragon primed and assembled.  Ready for some coats of color!



WHOOPS JUST KIDDING!!!  holy crap, this is a huge problem!  The wings on this thing suck because the model does not have an area on the body that they can be pinned to.  The body has a hollow slot to stick them in.  What a pain in the butt.  Well he’s assembled again, hopefully for good this time.



This is going to be the base for the dragon.  I tried to create a dragon horde with weapons and shields.  The white dots are going to be golden coins!  Dragons need all that gold to entice adventurers so they can snack on them.


Well that’s all for now, pretty soon will be a Fulgrim Primarch as a commission, stay tuned my hobbit minions!




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