WIP post. Mushrooms and walkers.


This is a tower from the old game Mage Knight.  I posted some WIP shots earlier, but this is it in it’s finished form.  Got it on clearance, so I had to.


This is a character from anima tactics.  I’m trying to use bright striking colors.  Sticking to pink yellow and turquoise.  She’s getting the deluxe paint job.


This is the beginning of a diorama inspired by the giant mushrooms in morrowind.  It’s still just getting started.  Whoever decided to put glitter into super sculpy needs to be shot.


This is a walker from dust tactics.  The rust still leaves something to be desired.  I think it’s a little too orange, and needs to be more red and brown.  I love the camo net.  It’s a wire mesh from hobby lobby.


After Photoshop

Finally, these are some skeletons from Mantic that I painted for commission.  They’re just speed paints, but they were fun to crank out.


That’s it for now, come back later!


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