Vacation House Sitting

Well As vacation I’m currently on a trip to my parents house.  Fortunately they left on vacation so I’m house sitting and watering the plants.  This has given me enormous amounts of time to work on painting and modeling.

Here’s what I’m working on

Uruk Hai Two

This is a feral Uruk Hai.  If you couldn’t tell it’s feral, then you need some more wilderness survival skills.  It’s from the games workshop lord of the rings line.

Space Wolf One

This is a space wolf who just got jacked in the nuts by a brass rod.  Mostly I wanted to take a picture at this angle to show off the paint job on his power hammer of doom + killing stuff.  When he’s finished he’ll be riding a thunderwolf.  Not to be confused with thundercat.

Eldar One

Finally this is Illic Nightspear from the new eldar finecast line.  He’s been a blast painting, and I’m probably going to hawk him to feed my miniature fanaticism.  Note: finecast sucks balls.

So that’s it, I’ve been painting nonstop for almost a week here.  It’s been the best vacation to just get away from everyone and everything and do nothing but paint.

Keep your stick on the ice.


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