Hobbits like Mushrooms

Hello friends.  This is meant to be an instructional tutorial on how to create mushrooms for forest bases and scenery.  There are a number of materials you will need, including:

1. Green Stuff

2. Cork board

3. Pliers

4. Dressmakers Pins

5.  Pin Vice

6. Really strong metal clippers.

Materials 1

Materials 2

Step 1.  Mix equal parts of yellow and blue to make green stuff.  You don’t need to get this exactly right, but it’s good to try to get equal parts.  If you’re using a strip of green stuff, try to cut out the line between the yellow and the blue.  There is a strip here where the green stuff has already cured, and it if you mix this into your green stuff, it will be hard to sculpt because of these chunks.

Green Stuff

Step 2.  Take one of the dressmakers pins, and add a blorp of green stuff to it.  It is a good idea to use as little green stuff as possible, unless you’re trying to make really big mushrooms.  Less is more in this step.


Step 3.  This is the tricky part.  To make a good mushroom shape takes a little bit of practice so don’t get discouraged.  What you want to do is rotate the stalk with your thumb and forefinger back and fourth.  While you’re doing this gently push down on the tip to flatten it.  You want to continue to rotate the stalk while pressing into the tip to get a mushroom shape.  Once you’ve got it started, press down on the edges of the cap until it looks similar to this.


Step 4.  Using the pliers to grasp the pin press down the dressmakers pin into the cork board to allow it to cure for several hours.


Step 5.  Assemble your base and add dirt.  The mushrooms will be on top of this basing material.  Drill a small hole into the base where you want to put the mushroom with a pin vice.

Drill it

Step 7.  Poke the mushroom into the hole.  Put a dab of superglue at the point where the green stuff meets the metal, and thread the base like a needle.

poke it through

Step 8.  Once the glue has dried, turn the base upside down and poke the tip of the needle into a piece of cork.  This is to prevent it from shooting across the room when you clip the needle off using your industrial strength metal clippers.

Clip it

Step 9.  Profit.

Finished product


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